On this page you can review all the updates and adjusted that have been made to our Snapchat Hack over the time we have been operating it.

26th of October 2017: Minor Maintenance. Increased hacking speed.

18th of October 2017: Updated proxy routing for web traffic. Updated encryption algorithm.

6th of October 2017: Snapchat hack version 3.0 officially released to the public. UI has been enchanced and mobile functionality has been increased.

3rd of October 2017: Beta testing for our version 3.0 has started.

15th of September 2017 General bug fixes have been implemented. Fixed the hack to work with the latest version of Snapchat.

19th of August 2017 Fixed the hack to work with latest version of Snapchat. Minor changed to the UI.

2nd of August 2017 Fixed an issue that caused the Snapchat Hack to not retrieve all Snaps for some users.

5th of July 2017 Minor bug fixes

2nd of June 2017 Official release of version 2.0

20th of May 2017 Started beta testing Snapchat hack version 2.0

2nd of February 2017 Official launch of our website. Release of our Snapchat Hack tool.